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@MMA_NA releases mobile Interactive Creative Framework

MMA has consolidated some great innovative mobile campaigns examples in an effort to showcase how to build and execute the most effective mobile campaign. The campaigns were drawn from all areas with some standouts in the  FMCG, automotive, beverage and electronics verticals .

The study drew from over 450 global mobile campaigns, including the winners in the MMA’s annual Smarties™ Global Mobile Awards Program and includes brands such as Delta, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Coca-Cola and Samsung.

Some clever (but somewhat gimmicky) campaigns and interestingly some new type of “ad units’ – like the Delta “UP” campaign/ad unit integrated into the NBC News App I say “interesting” as now it seems brands are and publishers see the benefit of working together more closely to drive higher levels of engagement and provide a better user experience. All in all a great collection of mobile marketing campaigns. good work MMA!

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“Appification TV” podcast @videonuze with reference to CNNx and NBC Apps

“Appification TV” podcast @videonuze with reference to CNNx and NBC Apps is a great discussion looking at how broadcasters are wrapping up video, news and advertising together.

Its still early days with broadcasters trying new business models and combinations of technology to create a dynamic and interesting user experience, whether its on a smartphone, tablet or connected TV. The jury is still out.

Will competitive pressure from online providers spur the TV “appification” process forward? Will broadcasters be left behind like they have with the growth of online media companies over traditional media companies?
Application of TV
VideoNuze podcast #231
CNNx App
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NBC Sports Live – online feeds for Sochi Olympics

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