What is Tapp’nGO™?

Tapp’nGO™ is a fully interactive, multimedia component that works WITH your video to provide a seamless call-to-action experience for the viewer.

Tapp’nGO™ is much more than a simple pre-roll, post-roll or ‘click to close’ type of advertising insertion.

Various Tapp’nGO™ ‘behaviours’ may be easily integrated into the sponsor’s video by a simple web administration tool.

Benefits for Brands

  • Deeper level of engagement with branded video.
  • Informative eg. “Does nappy come in mint or flower scent?”.
  • Integrates with existing social media.
  • ROI click-through to web for e-comm, sign-ups etc.
  • Measurable views, geographics and demographics.
  • Brand chooses method of how to drive users to TappnGo.
  • Flexibility of call to actions and behaviours.
  • Customisable iOS app and features.

Revenue Opportunities for Agencies

  • CPM buy
  • Tapps/Conversions
  • Shares by Facebook, Twitter, Email
  • Buy now
  • Sign ups, eDM / newsletters / product pdf
  • special events / promotions / offer
  • “More info” for new product or service
  • Redeem a coupon in-store
Makeup Multi-answer Question
Hyundai Which Road Question Example

What are Tapp’nGO™ Behaviours?

The Tapp’nGO™ behaviour menu consists of interactive components such as:

  1. Tap to Close or Continue – A simple prompt which may be placed anywhere in the video timeline and consist of an image or graphic overlay to the video.
  2. Tap to Decision – leads the viewer to a value added or conversion point such as a direct sale, vote, or ranking.
  3. Tap to Locate – integration with GPS and other LBS (location based services) modules allows us to provide location aware advertising.

Other Tapp’nGO™ behaviours are constantly being developed and integrated into the Tapp’nGO™ framework.

Advertisers and marketers now have the ability to interactively engage with consumers through entertaining video advertising campaigns that deliver pre-programmed, call-to-action content, integrated with other advertising and social media, resulting in an engaging user experience.

Tapp’nGO™ enables advertisers and broadcasters to run interactive video advertising through any web-enabled mobile “touch” phone, pad or tablet. Tapp’nGO™ allows embedded advertising to be inserted into video, with synchronous, interactive call-to-actions, and social media integration, supported by usage analytics which provides a robust addition to any digital marketing campaign or content owner monetisation strategy.